When I was 14 I met painter Robert Clunie for the first time . He was sitting on a stool  under an umbrella at the base Mt Robinson in the Eastern Sierra of California painting a 3ft by 3ft canvas of  Mt Temple Craig and the Palisade  Glacier.

On that summer morning  I instantly knew that painting would be an important part of my life.  I have been painting and drawing ever since.

“Reality leaves a lot to the imagination” John Lennon.

What makes art special?

The representational images of nature I paint are intended to act as a visual gateway to transport you inside the painting, to a quiet stillness; away from the incessant distractions of modern life.

When I am immersed in nature I find this quote to be true:

Raw nature humbles the intellect and righteousness” unknown.

My artistic purpose is to translate worthy moments of illumination into art that can be shared and experienced with just a glance inside the frame.

If I can achieve this, painting is worth doing.

LT Manning